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What people do not fit into the steam room
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As everyone knows, steam is a new type of health and leisure, popular, and on human health benefits, but not all people are suitable for steam. So, what people do not fit into the steam room?

Steam is beneficial to human body health, the population is not suitable for steam:

1, drug users

Taking prescription drugs people should listen to the doctor or pharmacist, because when the body is in the receiving far infrared light or the body temperature rises, the effects of drugs may be changed, therefore, patients are generally not the steam.

2, fever patients

Have a fever and have a fever the forbidden khan.

3, children

A child's body temperature is much faster than that of an adult's body temperature. This will cause people body higher rate of children. The rapid circulation will increase heart burden, it is difficult to sweat the body temperature after operation. The children in the steam before, please consult the pediatrician.

4, the elderly

With increasing age, reduce the body's circulatory system and the function of sweat glands to sweat, lower the body temperature. Therefore, senile body weak to use steam, relatively low temperature and shorten the operation time.

5, cardiovascular patients

People with severe cardiovascular disease, long time fever will affect blood pressure, affect the health of the body.

6, joint injuries

A serious knee injury situation, not steam after a joint injury within 48 hours, until the swelling performance not to be able to use.

7, the case of holiday

In a woman's holidays, steam may be added amount of their cases, some women use usually reduce their suffering in the period. Under normal circumstances, to prevent the use of.

8, pregnant mother

Pregnant women should consult gynecologists in steam before. As the body temperature increases to a certain extent, it will affect the growth of the fetus.

9, active people of fever

The individual person should avoid the use of active heating infrared sauna steam.

10, hemophilia patients / simple bleeding

Any easy bleeding people should avoid the use of steam room.

11, alcoholics

Usually speaking, try to use alcohol to "sweat" is not desirable. Drinking can weaken people's judgment, so they do not understand what harm to the body at high temperature, the same alcohol will accelerate the heart beat frequency, add the heart to bear.

Although the steam is good for the body, but not for everyone, if there is any of the above circumstances, not recommended for steam, to avoid harm, affect health.

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