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What is the benefit of a woman Khan
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What is the benefit of a woman ready? For a female friend, steam benefits, by steam, can achieve detoxification, reduce melanin activity, melatonin to yellow, ruddy, remove body odor, skin lubrication effect, the beauty of a woman is out of steam.

The following is a summary of the sauna kangzhiyuan from several aspects of how steam benefits and what kind of effect on women:

1, weight loss

The steam, the body of excess water, salt and subcutaneous fat in heating after activation with sweat, and fat at about 40 DEG C when the water solubility enhancement, more easy to discharge, so the steam has good effect of losing weight.

2, detoxification

By steam, can improve the human microcirculation system, The new supersedes the old. waste can be quickly excreted, reducing the burden on the liver and kidneys, so as to achieve the effect of detoxification.

3, beauty

Xuzhou steam room can release far infrared wavelength 8 - 14 micron, and the far infrared radiation on the skin, activate skin cells, stimulate the enzyme, amino acid, nucleic acid and other life active ingredients, promote the phagocytosis of melanin granules and metabolism of white blood cells. Therefore, can inhibit the formation of melanin, eliminate stains; at the same time, can make the fat dense, increase skin elasticity and gloss, to skin beautifying effect.

4, improve sleep

The steam, can gradually improve brain blood oxygen, improve insomnia, easy to wake up, alleviate dizziness headache and eliminate the brain fatigue lead to deep sleep.

5, alleviate dysmenorrhea

Xuzhou steam in the far infrared can promote the microcirculation of normal menstruation, let normal, no pain.

6, postpartum wind

Far infrared Xuzhou steam room can produce resonance with cell activation, cell movement, and in rheumatic chill out.

The beauty of a woman is out of steam. Ready for a woman to do a lot of good, dysmenorrhea, menstruation, weight loss, detoxification has significant effect, therefore, steam and become the first choice of leisure, keeping more and more amy.

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